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Group Home License Consulting and Training Programs

Care Enterprise, LLC provides a comprehensive personal care consulting license program for Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland. Our license program includes hands-on consultingcustomized policy and procedure manuals, resident and employee handbooks (if applicable), assisting with attachments, operations and new hire forms, 12-month projected budget (if applicable), and checklist to set up home. You will also learn solid operations, financial, business education, and what mistakes to avoid. The license process may be complex, but we take the guess work out of the licensing process.   

License Consulting Program (LCP):  Our LCP includes four hours of consulting, training, and state required materials to help get you licensed. Our license training and consulting schedule are set dates the fourth week of each month on TuesdaysThursdays, and Fridays. Our license consulting programs include ALL the following services and documents:

Research and Submission - We have interpreted state regulations, rules, steps, and compliance standards for your specific state. We provide the documents and consulting, and you are shown how to submit the licensing application for review and approval.

Customized Policy Manuals - All of our policy and procedure manuals are customized, not generic, and follows your state's policy checklist, rules, and regulations. 

Operations and New Hire Forms - The operations forms are specific to the rules and regulations for licensing approval, page-by-page and line-by-line.

Home Setup - We provide a 47+ point inspection checklist to set up the home.

Binders and Files - We give you the the Table of Contents to create the two binders that must be presented at the onsite inspection.  The documents that go in the two binders come from the operations forms and/or policy manual.

In Georgia we provide three types of personal care license consulting programs: a) group homes for intellectual and developmentally disabled persons, b) personal care homes for elderly, disabled, veterans, and other populations, and c) non-medical home care agencies that send sitters and caregivers inside client's homes. 

  • Community living arrangement (group homes for ID/DD adults) - Click Here to download our CLA license training registration form.
  • Personal care homes (PCH for elderly, veterans, and others) - Click Here to download our PCH license training registration.
  • Private home care provider (PHCP or non-medical home care agency) Click Here to download our license training registration form.

Our one-day training will eliminate costly mistakes in time, resources, and money. You will be shown the exact steps and process to get licensed. We have helped hundreds in Georgia get licensed with our one-day training program. TRAINING DAYS: Thursdays and Fridays​

  • Georgia License Training Investment: $4,495/person or $4,995/couple 

The group home address is not required until the end of the licensing process. The home can have a maximum of four residents, but can expand to have 6-8 residents after the first year. Three months proof of cash reserve based on the projected budget is required, which can be a line of credit. In Virginia two separate policy manuals are required to get licensed and 80 files are uploaded to the online CONNECT portal for review and approval. We have a consulting program that provide the policy manual, operations and new hire forms, 12-month projected budget, and initial licensing documents with consulting to help clients get approved. Click Here to learn more about Virginia group home license process.  CONSULTING DAY: Tuesdays

  1. Click Here to download our license consulting agreement form.
  2. Virginia License Consulting Investment: $6,995

FREE BONUS: We Include Two Extra Documents for Operations for Virginia License Program

  • Employee Handbook - A standards employee handbook. 
  • Resident Handbook - A standards resident handbook that meets the current HCBS community settings rules mandated by the federal and state government (required for Virginia).  


  • Onsite review prep checklist process: This step is required for approval AFTER initial licensing application paperwork has been approved, and BEFORE the state surveyor comes to do the physical onsite inspection. This step comes with files for staffing schedule, staff training, personnel record, work experience, sample individual file, physical regulation, insurance information, and one hour of consulting, and more. Investment$1,000 
  • HCBS self-assessment tool:  Required AFTER you are licensed, or BEFORE going through the Medicaid Enrollment process. This step comes with nine different documents including the HCBS self-assessment questions with answers, training curriculum, person-centered plan, menus, activity calendar, resident handbook, one-hour of consulting, and more. Investment$4,995 

The consulting and training agreements must be submitted, signed, dated, initial payment processed and cleared by the 15th of each month to secure and confirm a consulting and/or training spot in a current month.

This is an all inclusive license program that includes a consultant doing the hands-on work along with six-months of unlimited email and phone support. The home address is not required until after the license is received. Proof of a cash reserve of six-months of the projected budget is required. Maryland license includes three separate policy manuals to get licensed, 20 separate forms, and a total of 36 files with attachments are submitted for review and approval. The home can have a maximum of four residents. Call our partner Thrive Home Care Consulting at 407-538-7955 or visit their website at for expert group home license consulting for the State of Maryland. Click Here to learn more about Maryland group home license process. 

Samples of Our Work

  1. Policy Manual - Click Here
  2. Operations Forms - Click Here
  3. 12-Month Budget - Click Here
  4. Menus - Click Here

Benefits of Using Care Enterprise, LLC

  1. Our customized licensing documents are not generic. 
  2. The license documents takes time, energy, and experience to develop and customize, but we've already done the work for you.  
  3. We stand by our work, reputation, and the integrity of what we produce.

What to Know About Our License Consulting Program:

  • AGREEMENT DOES NOT INCLUDE:  Fees for state licensing application (if applicable); city and county fees, financial statement, background clearance, business plan, business license fee, creation of resumes, county, city, land use permit process (if applicable), HCBS self-assessment, and Medicaid enrollment process (only included for Texas) are not included in the scope of work listed above. 

Steps to Get the License Process Started:

  • Download the training or consulting form.
  • If you agree with the terms and conditions, sign, date, and return the agreement via email.
  • 50% of payment is due with executed agreement to hold a spot on our training or consultant calendar.
  • 50% of remaining payment is due three-days before scheduled training or consulting session.
  • Once second payment has been paid, the remaining documents will be emailed to client.
  • Session must be scheduled and used within 60-days of signed and dated agreement.
  • Additional Consulting: Consulting hours outside of the agreement can be purchased for $300 an hour, or $150 for 30-minutes.
  • Consulting is done via phone, email, or video call using Google Meet.
  • RevisionsWe will only provide revision services on documents created by Care Enterprise, LLC, and that were submitted by the client.
  • Revisions can be done for $1,000 until approved.
  • All payment(s) are nonrefundable.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit, and DO NOT accept checks, money orders, western union, or other type of card payments.

The consulting and training agreements must be submitted, signed, dated, initial payment processed and cleared by the 15th of each month to secure and confirm a consulting and/or training spot in a current month.

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People perish for a lack of vision. When a vision comes buy into it and do not let it go.  ~ Care Enterprise, LLC

I'm very happy to inform you that I just got license approval on July 1.  I want to say thank you and very much appreciate your help. ~ N.N.

 Care Enterprise is awesome.  Keep up the good work, because there are other people out there like myself who need a little help and it is good to know that the right help is there that can lead us.  I felt blessed after finding you on the Internet and having the pleasure to work with your company. S.L.


 Thank you for revising our policies so promptly. It is refreshing to work with a professional like yourself that follows through with everything you say you will do.   It is always a pleasure to work with you.   Thank you again. ~ J.P.


Good morning, I received my approval this morning. :-)  Thank you so much! I will definitely use your services again very soon. S.W.


I will recommend Care Enterprise pch consulting service to others because they are straight forward with the truth. F.T. 


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